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Qingdao Huate plastic machinery antirot thermos equipment Co., Ltd.Is a profession to produce the heat preservation tube the tube material, natural windpipe material, water pipe material, PE tube material production line.There is steel pipe heat preservation antisepsis equipments and throw the pill divided by the rust machine, two the production line of PE, three the powder of PEs spray to draw, one-step method production line, two advanced automatic s in production line, domestic in footwork be partial to the machine, probing into the accuracy 0.33 millimeters of, control accuracy 0.2 millimeters.
The extrusion machine that my company produce have the & Oslash;65,& the Oslash;90,& Oslash;120,& Oslash;150,& Oslash;200 model number appropriation in two PE, three PEs, one-step methods match mutually, the pole separates the its main characteristics in type extrudes to has great capacity the yield high, turn the function soon good, decelerate the hard of in machine, automatic pump oil, the automatic protection equips, using the type to sit the dint after decelerating the machine, bearings, bearing the dint strong, the machine function is dependable, going together the industry be in the lead!
Qingdao Huate plastic machine limited company manufacturing antisepsis heat preservation the equipments has the black and yellow jacket the tube, steel pipe to divided by the rust machine, two PE a rounds, three PE wreath oxygen powder the static electricity sprays to draw, one-step method ammonia ester hair bubble etc. an equipments, my company and big stock management in Qingdao an antisepsis the device limited company cooperates the kit the inside the petroleum exports Sudan, Africa two one-step methods the production line( molding tool 57- 508), having the certain accomplishment abroad.Also possess the good in the domestic, at the same time national every locality SJ- 65, 90, 120, 150, 180, 200 extrude the machine is a full-time kit equipments in the antisepsis heat preservation profession, the yield is high, extrude to have great capacity, the petrochemistry function is good, the clean an extrusion for strongly, per hour 600-800 Kgs, satisfying big molding tool measures, making one-step method production technique craft is from the 57 steel pipes arrive the 820 steel pipes can produce a qualified product.
It is my company that quantity the first, prestige is highest that aim that demand, my company technique power is strong, being in the light of for the sake of all the principles of the customer, gather together the local antisepsis standard with the technique index sign, attain the customer, acquisition customer of satisfaction.The satisfaction of the customer is domestic and international friend who ours development target, welcome every locality antisepsis profession comes to my company to talks over, guide, cooperation.

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